SIGCO Warenhandelsgesellschaft and H.A. & Kuchler are part of the Acomo Group, a listed company in the Netherlands. Acomo is active in the sourcing, trade and distribution of niche food commodities.

Being part of the Acomo Group gives us security to further develop and grow our company. The cultures of the two companies fit well together. We are now part of a strong group while the primary independence of our business is assured.Being part of the Acomo Group further strengthens our position in the markets in which we are active.

Acomo is an international group of companies active in the sourcing, processing and distribution of agro-food raw materials world-wide. The Group’s product portfolio broadly encompasses spices, nuts, tea, edible seeds and food ingredients. For over 100 years and across some 90 countries it has been bridging the needs of clients and suppliers. Reliability of your deliveries and contract guarantee are the group’s trade mark, thus supplying Peace of mind to all its partners.

Acomo is recognized for its financial strength and long term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect. The company was founded in 1918 and has grown to become a group of companies with revenues of € 600 million.

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